Sunday, May 3, 2015

I am Back?

So May 1st marked my 4 years of Blogtalk Radio on and off. February marked my 3 years of doing my Talk Show on the grid.  I have really not been doing the blog talk regularly and I know that has to stop. I use to be so passionate about it. I think I have just gotten a bit tired and sometimes doing two shows (use to be three) a week took its toll on me. I keep promising that I would start posting here and of course each day goes by and no post, no recipes no nada. So with the new found LIFE, I am going to try to post at least once a day.  It is hard sometimes when you work as many hours as I do. When I get home I am tired and really do not want to move. HOWEVER, lol. I will try my best to at least post the recipes along with the shows that I do each week.  The funny thing is facebook is some what like a blog, you post your day to day actives for all to see and comment on.  But I promise to get better. Muah, Suga Kisses

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Carter Christenson Recipe for Whiskey Sour

• .80 oz Fresh lemon juice
• .80 oz Simple syrup (one part water, one part sugar)
• 1.5 oz Bourbon or Jack Daniels
  • Garnish with Cherry and/or lemon wedge

I am here for FUN!

The things I do are not for Lindens, not for SL Fame, I don't set out to be in completion with anyone. This isn't a race for me. i am not trying to be the first one who finishes. I don't have the need to seen by all. I just need to be notice by the few who want to see me succeed.  Who I am in sl and slfb is who I am behind the computer. I do what i do because I am here to enjoy my second life, and enjoy my virtual family and friends. I have and will continue to support others on what they do. I don't need anyone to criticize me because Truly my biggest critic is MYSELF. I don't ask to be liked, I don't seek approval from anyone but myself. . I have been blessed with people in my life who truly support all my crazy ideas, antics, projects and my wannados.  When I am called upon to do something for someone else I do it to the best of my abilities. It makes me feel good when someone ask me to speak, ask for advice or just want to be apart of my sl world.  Trust me when I say I do what I do for fun, to move away from boredom, to make others smile, to make others laugh, to uplift, to empower, to find some true happiness within a world that seems to be decaying each day.  I don't throw shade at others, I don't mimic anyone else, I don't feel the need to bring someone else down to built myself up.  "I have always said I don't want fans, I want supporters" I always feel blessed when people around me support me, They care about me.  With all the things I have started Sugaliciousme Talk Show, Blogtalk, Grid Watch News, R2VE Studios, Little Black Dress, Love Yourself First, our upcoming Greek Life and The Cookie Factory I have been blessed to have people behind me who cheer me on, hug me when I need it, tell me I can when at points I think I can NOT. I have so many who support all that I do.  I would never be able to do what I do If not for my friends, family and supporters. The only reward I need, I want, I look for are the rewards of people who truly believe in me, those who support me, those who trust me, those who give me encouragement, those who pray over me, those who talk to me when I feel like I am at the end of my rope, those who just leave me a message saying "hope your ok".  That is my fame, that is my payment, that is ALL I need.  Thank you, to all that believe in me. Your the reason I do what  I do.  Even if I only have one person who cheers me on, who believes in me, who trust what I do and they are genuine. That is ALL I need!

Monday, October 6, 2014


So needless to say. I am a worrier. I worry about things I have control over and worry more about things I have no control over . I worry about simple things, things that go by day to day. I worry about my job, I worry about my friends, I worry about my family, I worry about my finances, I worry about my brothers. I worry about my second life kids, I worry about my friends,  I worry about loyalty and disloyalty. I worry about my health, I worry about my sanity.  I worry about betrayal among those I love. I try to take care of others, I try to help them and draw them towards the right path. I worry about things so much I don't sleep well at night. I worry about the fact I worry. It is an endless roller coaster that seem to only slow down but never stops
The reason for this post is this.  My blood pressure was 199 over 200 on last Tuesday. I was told to take off work and relax by watching something funny and cute and not doing anything that would make me WORRY or STRESS. So I took half the doctor advice, I took a break from FB & SL and watched movies, talk to a few friends and family and worked on some small projects off line.  I worried about my job so much that I still worked, feeling as if I have turned most things off then I should be better, right? Right!  So on last Friday I went back to see the doctor thinking my pressure would be down and I would feel better. So not so, My blood pressure was 189 over 220.  I sat there as he spoke to me about my health and how dangerous my blood pressure was.  I worried then about how high my blood pressure was, I worried that I may never get it down. Worried that the medication he had already increased he was going to increase more. Then I begin to worry about my kidneys and how these damn meds could affect them. I worried that he tested my blood sugar and I was a scary 320.  I then worried about why that was so high and now the increase of my insulin from one time a day to three times a day.  I worried about how this new revelation will now change my already busy, confused, crazy, hectic life style.  I worried about who to tell, because I don't want anyone asking me if I am ok, asking me if I took my meds, giving me lectures on how I need to get my shit together because, Guess What? I already KNOW this.  I sat there with my doctor and felt like I was at the top of a building and all I need was for someone to run behind me and just push me off and finish me. I felt like I was in a mortal combat game and hearing the game voice over say "Finish HER"  I thought about how much I have tried to get it together and just have not been able to reach a point where I can. Then I thought about how many times I have said I would do something and just went another directions.  I feel safe no where anymore not at work, at home, online, in my bathtub where I spend hours in bubbles, and refill once the water gets cold.  I fear my life not where I want it to be and as much as I preach to others about doing what is best for them and loving themselves I am not doing what is best for me and loving myself.  In my bedroom I have some white Christmas lights ran across the headboard, lol, funny is I sleep at the foot of my bed. I unplugged them to pray and ask God to give me strength to get where I need to be.  I know, I am odd, weird, crazy, kookie, but I am ME, I make mistakes, I try to make everyone happy even if it means my own unhappiness.  Don't get me wrong I am not unhappy in my life, I am BLESSED! I have so much more then most, the things  I don't have I don't worry about.. much.  Luxury and Money to me are things that can be taken from you in time, my sprit and my love is something that has no expiration date.  So now, as I return to something's I have to put one major worry on hold until I get better. MY JOB! Yes, I was told by my doctor that things that cause me confusion, worry, sadness I have to push aside until I get ME better. I am going to take charge of me, make things happen for not only "Suga" but "Sam" who is behind Suga. If I feel any pressure I will log off Second life and Facebook and not allow it to get to me anymore. Your real life can not be turned off, but I can start enjoying my baths again, enjoying my room of silence, enjoy writing again (I have not wrote a poem or a short story in over a year bout time I start up).  I want to enjoy my life, I have fun in second life and on facebook but when it starts to make me feel like I can not focus I will let it go like a child who lets go of a balloon to see it fly off into the sky. This is not about anyone but ME and my sanity, my life. I don't want any pity, anyone trying to tell me what I need to do, I don't want anyone trying to push me towards a better self. This all needs to come from me, I don't mind supporters, true friends, people who are willing just to smile when I need it and not judge when I don't.  So I'm back, for now. Oh and btw I am going to do my shows, I have also started back on blogger again (that may last for a week lol). Missed you all, some more then others lol, Suga Kisses  

ASO October Events

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm Coming BACK!

For almost a year I have been threatening to come back to the grid and to blogtalk radio. All  threats over I am returning in full force on a regular set time on Monday the 6th of October. To say I am excited and nervous is an understatement. There is so much I want to do, but I know its going to take my total focus to get it done.  It amazes me how much I want to do this, but yet in the back of my mind I feel I may fail. YES! I can admit that because it just shows I am human and I KNOW I am not above those emotions.  I never want my head to get too big, never want to think I am "the shit".  You can view yourself as KNOWING YOUR SHIT without you thinking you ARE THE SHIT.    I am blessed to have the many sponsors I have who have been patient with me and has not left me despite my continued pushing my dates back to start my show.  I am not asking for fans, I am asking for supporters. Those who don't expect anything from me but for me to be myself and do my damn best.  With that being said. My first scheduled Blogtalk show will be on the 6th at 8pm slt/pst and my first return to grid show will be on Tuesday the 7th (if my stage is done)